Suggested Classical Wordings

Reception Card

immediately following ceremony
at the Old Fashion Lounge
1832 McArthur Street
Maple Grove

The reception will be held
at six o'clock
at the Holiday Inn Hotel
1204 Prince Edward Avenue
Nepean, Ontario


After the ceremony,
the reception will be held
at the Bohemian Restaurant
18 Dixie Road, Bramalea

Please join us
for an enchanted evening
of dining and dancing
at the Marriot Hotel


Thank You Card

We sincerely appreciated
and thank you
for your very lovely
wedding gift
Jennifer and Kevin

Our sincere thanks
for all your good wishes
and very lovely wedding gift
Marcia and Anthony


Your wedding gift has meant a lot
Your wishes pleased us too
And for all your thoughtfulness
A million thanks to you
Barbara and Stewart

With sincere appreciation
we both send thanks to you
for your lovely wedding gift
and for all your wishes too
Deborah and Stacey


Please accept our sincere thanks
for the lovely wedding gift.
Both the thought and the gift
made us very happy
Sandra and Peter

Although we can't express our thanks
as graciously as some
we won't forget your thoughtfulness
for a long time to come
Jennie and Bob


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