Versets Anglais

Verset #42

I am rejoining the ones I loved,
and I am waiting for those I love.

Verset #43

Lord, you have called me
to be by your side
I have left the ones
that I loved so much
Please take my place near them


Verset #44

See the new life I am
beginning and not the
one I have ended.

Verset #45

The loss of a mother
is the first sorrow in life,
that we face without her.


Verset #46

Do not cry for my absence
for I am with God
and my prayers are with you.
I will love you from heaven
as I have loved you on earth.

Verset #47

Dying is nothing much
when we still live on
in othersí heart.


Verset #200

We love you.
You will live in
our hearts forever.

Verset #201

We did not have time
to say goodbye, but you are only
a thought away.


Verset #202

Sadly missed
and always remembered

Verset #203

Some tears never dry.
Our love for you
will never die.


Verset #204

His courage, his smile, his grace
gladdened the hearts of those
who have the privilege of loving him.

Verset #205

Itís hard to look back
on any gain in life
that does not have a loss
attached to it.


Verset #206

She graced her family
with acts of loving kindness

Verset #207

Loving memories
last forever


Verset #208

He touched everyone
with special
love and kindness

Verset #209

There was grace in her steps,
love in every gesture.


Verset #210

What we keep in memory
is ours forever

Verset #211

Forever young,
forever in our hearts.


Verset #212

Those we love remain with us
for love itself lives on

Verset #213

Our love goes with you
and our souls
wait to join you


Verset #214

Trust in God