English Texts

Text #49

The family of the late
Mr. Jack Smith
thanks you for your kind thoughts
in its hours of bereavement

Text #50

We shall always remember
with deep gratitude your comforting
expression of sympathy
Mr. Jack Smith
and family


Text #51

your deep sympathy
to our sorrow
at the time
of our bereavement
for Mr. Jack Smith
on September 18th, 2002
We extend our gratitude
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carson

Text #52

Mrs. Jack Smith
conveys her deepest gratitude
for the expression of sympathy
you have shown her
on the occasion
of the passing of her husband
and associates herself
to the Smith and Carson families
in warm appreciation


Text #53

Mr. Jack Smith
Mrs. Janet Carson
acknowledge with grateful appreciation
your kind expression of sympathy
in the recent loss of their beloved
wife and sister
December 18th, 2002                        

Text #54

Mr. Jack Smith
and his children
sensitive to the warmth
of your sympathy
and the dignity of your understanding
when Mrs. Janet Smith
was recalled to the Lord
assure you of their deepest gratitude
Hamilton, September 18th, 2002


Text #55

Kindly accept our gratitude
for the sympathy
you have shown
in the passing of
Mr. Jack Smith
Your kind thoughts and respect
are greatly comforting
Mrs. Jack Smith

Text #56

In those days of mourning and desolation,
we have met some friends.
We have seen the revelation of friendship!
Your sincere sympathy has helped us to live
those difficult hours which can not be expressed
except by the language of acceptation.
Deeply touched by your condolences,
we wish to thank you for your expression
of sympathy
for the loss of
Mr. Jack Smith

Mrs. Jack Smith
her children
Ronald, Peter and Sue


Text #57

For your moral support
to our sorrow in the passing of
Mr. Jack Smith
you have given us
strength and courage
in accepting this great loss
Thank you
Mrs. Jack Smith
and family

Text #58

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith
would like to express
their deepest gratitude
for the sympathy and understanding
you have shown
during the hours of bereavement
they had to sustain


Text #59

On this day
when the Lord has recalled
my husband - our father
Mr. Jack Smith
you have prayed for him
and you have shown to us
your comforting friendship
We are deeply grateful for your sympathy

Text #60

With your moral support
at the time of our great
affliction when
Mr. Jack Smith
died, you knew how to give us
strength to accept this loss
with more courage.
Thank you
Mrs. Jack Smith
and her children