Card Stock

Note: Colors displayed on your screen may not be a perfect match with the actual colors.

Linen White
  Linen Cream
  White Kromecote
Classic Crest White
  Classic Crest Cream
  Coco Brown
Ultrafelt Cool White
  Ultrafelt Soft White
  Mat Black
Mat Khaki
  Mat Navy
  Mat Eggplant
Mat Forest Green
  Navy Duplex
  Linen Black
Linen Bluestone
  Linen Whitestone
  Linen Graystone
Bindakote Black
  Bindakote Pearl
  Bindakote Navy
Bindakote Mind
  Bindakote Ocean
  Bindakote Red
Touch Black
  Touch Burgundy
  Touch Cream
Touch Slate Blue
  Touch Cool Grey
  Star Rose
Star Ruby
  Dull Silver
Dull Gold
  Shiny Silver
  Shiny Gold
Kea Bronze
  Star Silver
  Star Opal
Star Lapislazuli
  Star Amethyst
  Star Copper
Shine Bronze
  Star Sapphire
  Jade Silk
Jade Wave
  Laser White
  Shine Onyx
Suedetex Tan
  Suedetex Cordovan
  Star Mars
Kea Gold Leaf
  Kea Lustre
  Kea Galvanised
Kea Ionised
  Kea Rusted
  Aspire Berry
Aspire Beargrass

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